Feather & Fan Cowl


Sometime in January I decided that the best way to use up my Naturally Caron Spa yarn would be to make a cowl for my ma. (Pattern | Ravelry Link) It’s supposed to be a birthday present, but since I didn’t get it done by her birthday (Jan 29) I guess it’s going to be late? It’s sort of turned into the project that never ends.

Here it is after a couple of days of knitting:
Lacy Cowl & iPod

(Lighting in my bedroom is meh even on a bright day, so forgive the fuzzies.)

A couple of days ago it got long enough that I decided to try it on and figure out how much longer I wanted to make it.
Lacy Cowl Progress

This is where it gets dangerous. In a fit of inspiration I decided it needed to expand at this point to sit on her shoulders. So I ended up staying up until midnight (on a weeknight, which means about 5 hours sleep) knitting little test swatches and scouring the internet for bits of expanded feather & fan.

I’m on the third set of increase right now. So of course, I am running out of the white and need to go get more.
Lacy Close Up
What next?


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